Escape Rooms are taking the world by storm. You can find them in every city from New York to Hong Kong and in plenty of suburban locations as well. The premise is fairly simple; you and a small group of people are sequestered in a themed room for 60 minutes. Your task is to find a way to escape in the allotted time.

Perhaps you haven’t heard of Escape Rooms yet, but you won’t have to look too hard to find a room near you. Escape Rooms are popping up everywhere. They provide a spirited good time experience for players of all ages, especially friends and family working as a team and looking for a good time adventure. So what exactly is an Escape Room? It’s a room turned into a three-dimensional battle of wits.

How you discover your exit is where it gets complicated. Escape Rooms are designed with a series of interconnected clues scattered throughout the room. You and your team are tasked with searching for every clue and puzzle needed to find the hidden exit and unlock the room in the allowed time.

The typical game is set in a themed room where the object is to find clues and solve puzzles. Every clue and every puzzle leads one step closer to escaping in the allotted 60 minutes. Getting out on time assures that all the team members will have a great time. If you are not a fan of challenging puzzles, your success rate will likely depend on an extra clue or two from your friendly game master.

Remember, a clue can be anything. You might have to check for envelopes behind paintings or dust off a stone tablet for hidden engravings. Some Escape Rooms include detailed riddles or complicated puzzle boxes.

Hard…yes, but Escape Rooms are supposed to be fun as well. . . But not impossible which is why each room is assigned a Game Master to offer a hint or clue if needed…but only if you want them.

Escape rooms are not like a video game. Escape Rooms are more like an adventure in time and space or in other words…an Escape Room Adventure. The Escape Room experience is a perfect adventure activity for a birthday party, corporate team building or any other team building events. Every escape game is a team building activity waiting to happen. So buckle up and bring the whole family, but plan ahead because you will need a reservation. Book on-line or contact us directly.

If you want a real thrilling experience, try Escapes in Time, Orem Utah’s best Escape Room venue. Escapes in Time brings escape rooms to a whole new level of game experience. Each room can accommodate from four to fourteen players at a time, working as a team of friends or family.

Each escape room has a unique theme and a game sequence that follows that theme and each room is different. Time after time players rave about their experience calling it the adventure of a lifetime. It is a premier team building experience regardless of the room or game players choose. Each team chooses an adventure and a time clock starts the countdown to success for the whole team.

An Escape Room in the Midwest has a Wizard of Oz theme where one player takes the role of Dorothy and while clicking their heals together must repeat three times…Escape Rooms are fun…Escape Rooms are Fun…Escape Rooms are Fun. The word “adventure” barely describes how a room like this can weld a group of family and friends into a clue-devouring, puzzle-solving, team-building juggernaut.

The popularity of Escape Rooms may lie in their broad appeal. Cooperation is encouraged, so whole families or friend groups can attend together. They are also popular team-building activities for co-workers and project teams. So, pick out your team members and contact us for the best 60 minutes a group of friends can experience. Make your reservation now and don’t forget to mention us to your boss. We offer the best corporate team building activity money can buy. And yes, we have discounts.