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Increase Business Success While Having Fun!

Plan an event for executives, managers, leaders or team members. For as little as $300, you can schedule a 2-hour session which includes a one-hour escape game experience.  Escapes In Time is perfect for your next team building event.

Increase Team Effectiveness through a Live Escape Room Adventure!

Enhance Team Performance!


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Escapes in Time offers an exciting adventure experience for your team led by a professional corporate facilitator. Team members are locked in a themed room and given a specific objective. They must discover clues, solve puzzles and crack codes to accomplish the goal and escape within an hour. To be successful, the team will need to communicate, collaborate, create solutions and manage time wisely. . . . just like the work environment.

It will be an experience they will never forget!

This is one of the best developmental team activities I’ve done. This will create a dramatic difference in our team dynamics!
Bill Bennett, VP Sales, InsideOut Development
This experience was amazing . . . I learned so much!
Darcy Bohman, Frontline Team Lead, IKEA
A fun way to get our team looking at some new ideas!
Matt Wahlquist, FrontLine Team Lead, IKEA
What a fantastic, cerebral, and unifying experience for our team. It challenged us, made us laugh and totally helped us!
Kristine Widtfeldt, Vice President, InsideOut Development
A great combination of fun and effective experience for our team!
Ben Smith, Training Manager, Mission Training Center
  • One hour escape room experience and one hour debrief in our conference room
  • Manager or Team Leader can observe group
  • Big Screen TV, refreshments and catering available
  • $300 for up to 6 participants
  • $500 for up to 12 participants
  • Call for discount pricing on larger groups

  • One hour escape room experience
  • Assess strengths and challenges of their own team
  • Learn Characteristics of High-Performance Teams
  • Participate in Team Decisions and Interactions
  • Practice with Communication to Improve Teamwork
  • Practice Skills to Effectively Give & Receive Feedback
  • Create Action plan to achieve higher level of performance

  • Pre-Work of DiSC™ Leadership Style Assessment
  • One to two hour escape room experience
  • Team Strengths based on DiSC™ Assessment
  • Strengths of each DiSC™ Leadership Style
  • Techniques to Work Effectively with Different Styles
  • Style of each Team Member and How that Affects Daily Interactions
  • Create Individual Action Plans

Pre and Post Training Services

Pre training: Facilitator will conduct a one-hour teleconference with Manager or Team Lead to identify goals and desired outcomes. Training content will be customized to achieve desired goals.
Post training: Facilitator can meet with the team at business site to follow up on established team or individual actions. Individual coaching services are also available.

Marilyn Momeny, Facilitator

Marilyn MomenyIn her more than twenty years as a Human Resources and Training Executive in Fortune 500 companies, Ms. Momeny has a proven track record of strengthening leaders, building teams and improving organizational performance. She draws on her experience to create lively and engaging training sessions based on the Escape Room experience. In 2014, she created XLNT Leadership Consulting and has helped large and small organizations to be more successful. She holds a B.A and M.S. degree from the University of Utah, is a Hudson Institute Certified Coach and has achieved Green Belt certification in the Value-Based Six Sigma program at the University of Michigan. Her greatest joy is helping others to reach their potential and achieve success.

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