Sherlock Holmes is one of the most beloved characters of all time. You may love his stories, which have been immortalized in TV, movies, and literature for hundreds of years. But here’s handful of facts you may not have known about the famous, pipe-smoking detective.

1. He was originally going to be called Sherrinford Holmes

Arthur Conan Doyle changed the name because he was a massive cricket fan. He ended up getting Sherlock by combining the names of two of his favorite cricketers, Frank Shacklock and Mordecai Sherwin.

2. He is the second most filmed character of all time

According to IMBD, the immortal detective has appeared as a character in 292 works to date. Only Dracula, the fictional vampire, has been on the screen more often.

3. Arthur Conan Doyle was quite the adventurer himself…

Arthur Conan Doyle was a talented athlete who found success in football, boxing, skiing, and a variety of other sports. He also lived experimented with many different careers, from ship’s surgeon to politician, and became a dedicated mystic in his later life.

4. ….And is now a popular fictional character in his own right.

Yes, you read that correctly. Arthur Conan Doyle has appeared in a number of TV shows, movies, and books as a Sherlock-like detective who can solve impossible mysteries. Talk about life becoming art!

5. The inspiration for Holmes character is shrouded in mystery

Holmes experts have put forward a variety of theories on where and how Doyle came up with the character of Sherlock. One popular theory claims that Doyle based Sherlock after his professor in medical school, a certain Dr. Joseph Bell. Dr. Bell was said to have an extraordinary eye for detail, and could sometimes identify a patient’s exact ailment just by the way they stood. Another popular theory argues that a German detective named Walter Scherer was the “true” inspiration.

6. The original Sherlock never said “Elementary, My Dear Watson”

This famous catchphrase is completely absent in the original stories. Holmes does say “Elementary,” and “My Dear Watson” but never together. The phrase was made popular by later TV shows and movies.

7. Arthur Conan Doyle tried to kill him off… permanently

Sherlock’s famous confrontation with Moriarty at the Reichenberg Falls was supposed to be his very last appearance. Doyle had grown tired of the character and wanted to work on other projects. He was eventually persuaded to resurrect Holmes for more stories, in exchange for a generous sum of money.

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